BlitzWolf BW-WA2 12W Wireless bluetooth power bank Waterproof

BlitzWolf BW-WA2 12W Wireless bluetooth power bank Waterproof

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1. Powerful Immersive Bass—— Double passive diaphragm to produce sound at the same time. bass is deeper, high pitch is more loud.

2. TWS Wireless Stereo Function—— Thanks to TWS function, pair two BW-WA2 speakers, you can achieve true wireless playing for left and right channels separated of two BW-WA2 speakers.

3. 4000mAh Emergency Powerbank, U disk can be inserted for more songs, AUX cable to connect to your other non-BT audio devices. Built-in microphone and hands-free features, so you can easily answer the mini portable speaker in the car, bathroom, home or office anywhere.

4. NFC function—— In ON status,the speaker would remember to connect the smart phone that last time used when the smart phone closed to speaker.

5. Portable to Carry——The portable outdoor wireless speaker easily stows away in your backpack, enjoy music when climbing, biking, camping, or at the beach.


Brand BlitzWolf

Model BW-WA2

Color Black

Material ABS & PVC & Knit Fabric

Net Weight (g) 530g

Dimensions (cm/ inch) L200*W68*H76MM

Technical Parameters

Microphone Yes

Connectivity bluetooth-compatible/ AUX-IN/ U disk

bluetooth-compatible Chip Action ATS2819

bluetooth-compatible Version V4.1

Transmission Distance 10m

Output Power 6W*2

Input Voltage DC5.0V

Charging Input 500MA-1A

Battery Capacity 4000mAh

Charging Time (h) 4-5gh

Working Time (h) 4.5h(100% volume), 7h(50% volume)

Automatic Power Off Time Pause/No signal 10 minutes later

Certifications FCC, CE, ROHS

Package Included:

1* BlitzWolf BW-WA2 Wireless Speaker

1* USB Charging Cable

1* Manual

BlitzWolf BW-WA2 :Lite

12W IP66 Waterproof
Outdoor Wireless Speaker
Enjoy music when climbing, biking,
Camping, or at the beach

TWS Function
Dual Passive Diaphragm
Excellent Stereo Sound
IP66 Waterproof
Emergency Supply
NFC Function

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