Digital Multimeter 830L 600 Volt Meter Ammeter Ohmmeter

Digital Multimeter 830L 600 Volt Meter Ammeter Ohmmeter

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Polarity display: "-" for negative polarity
Low voltage indication: " " on the display
Operating temperature: 0~40 degree Celsius (32~104 degree Fahrenheit)
Storage temperature: -10~50 degree Celsius (14~122 degree Fahrenheit)
Relative humidity: <80 percent RH
Altitude: <2000m
Display: 2000 counts
Diode: 2.7V
Continuity Buzzer: <70+-30?
Data hold
Display Backlight
Low Battery Display
Safety Instructions and Operational Precautions:
The instrument can only be used in conjunction with the probe for the compliance with safety standards. If the probe needs replacing due to damage, the replacement must be of the same type or the same electrical specifications.
Do not exceed the input limits specified for each range.
When the instrument is measuring, do not touch the input terminal not in use.
When a measurement range is uncertain, turn the function/range switch to the maximum range position.
Before turning the function/range switch, make sure the probe is open with the circuit being measured.
Before on-line resistance measurement, turn off all power and discharge all capacitors.
Be careful when taking measurement of voltage higher than 60V DC/30V AC. Remember to keep your fingers behind the hand shield of the probe.
When measuring a TV set or switch power supply, watch for pulse in the circuit that may damage the multimeter
Before measuring any transistor, make sure the probe is not connected to any circuit being measured.
Before taking the measurement of voltage with the probe, make sure there is no electronic element connected to the test socket of the transistor.
Over-range indication: "1"
Maximum display value: 1999
Power: 9V battery =, NEDA 1604 or 6F22
Fuse: F1: F250mA or 250V,F2: F 10A or 250V
Waterproof: IP20
Safety Class: I CAT II 600V
Please read Safety Instruction and Product Operations Manual carefully. Improper use of product can lead to product damage.

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