Minidigital have been repairing Samsung phones since 2005. Samsung screens are notorious for having screens that are expensive to repair. Don't worry, because we import stock directly from the manufacturer, we can offer you a competitive price. Our highly skilled technicians will perform your repair with the utmost care and dedication.

How we fix common problems with Samsung smart phones

Broken Touch Screens

By far the most common repair issue we experience with the Samsung phones is screen breakage. After all, if you carry a 3 inch piece of glass in your pocket, there is a risk of breakage associated with that. Not to worry, we can help. We will offer you a comprehensive range of quality, screen replacement options, at a fair price.

Water and Liquid Damage

We've seen it all. From phones falling out of top pockets into a toilet right through to mobile phones that have been to the bottom of the ocean and back! From a scientific perspective, the one of biggest problems here is a process called electrolysis, which is sped up when the battery is still connected to a circuit. Luckily, an advantage to having a Samsung phone is that you can remove the battery immediately and bring it to us for treatment.

Liquid damage Myths

The most common backyard fix we see is placing the device in rice to dry it out. This should be avoided because it only removes the liquid, it does not remove the mineral deposits that cause corrosion.

Letting the phone simply dry out

This should be avoided because like the rice myth, minerals that cause damage are left behind. Even if the phone works today, corrosion will take hold and it may not be repairable in the future!

General damage

If your phone is just dirty and not working as well as it used to, bring it to us and we can offer a full refurbishment service.