At minidigital, we have been repairing Nokia phones ever since the Nokia N95 was the coolest gadget to own! We are passionate about all sorts of technology at minidigital and whatever the problem, we are happy to offer free, competent advice.

How do we remedy common problems?

Broken Touch Screens:

By far the most common damage that occurs with Nokia mobile phones is screen fracture. Not only is a cracked screen unsightly, it can also be dangerous. We have experienced first hand the problems caused by a cracked screen. Minidigital can fix your smashed screen on your Nokia phone quickly. with Western Australia’s largest spare parts warehouse, we have got you covered.

Software and firmware problems:

Did you know most software glitches can simply be remedied by simply performing a soft reset on your device? What many repairers won’t tell you is that If you are having issues with your device and the software is playing up, consult your manufacturer’s documentation, or refer to an industry insider’s website, called  hardreset. If that doesn’t work, contact us for some free over the phone advice.

Salt Water Damage:

Sea water is by far the most pervasive of the types of liquid damage we encounter. The reason for this is when the water dries out, it leaves behind sea salt and minerals, which are very corrosive. Make no mistake, if your device has been exposed to sea water, it is in your best interests to have it professionally treated, immediately.

Poor battery life:

Many Nokia phones nowadays are increasingly difficult to perform a battery replacement on. We can help. If your battery life is fading, it probably needs replacing. Feel free to email us today for a free estimate.

Insurance claims:

Have you checked whether your damaged mobile phone is covered by your home and contents policy? It is worth checking. If it is, we can draft up a comprehensive report for your insurer, which will help get your claim approved.