In our experience, HTC phones are the trickiest brand to work on because they are assembled in a way that is not very service friendly. We recommend minimising the amount of times a HTC phone is taken apart. If you get your HTC phone serviced, we recommend insisting on a battery change if the phone is over a year old. This is easy to do when the phone is being serviced, and relatively cheap.

How we fix common problems with HTC’s

Water and liquid damage.

This process involves carefully taking your phone apart and cleaning it professionally, first with an ultrasonic cleaner, then repairing any damage at a microscopic level, if economically viable. Sometimes reflowing the solder that connects microscopic components to the motherboard is required. Often we can bring phones back to life, often with no data loss!

Broken screens.

Whilst replacement screens in HTC devices are relatively cheap, the process of replacing them is usually technical and challenging. At  Mini-Digital, we have the skill and know-how to carry out the most difficult screen replacements.


at minidigital, we fix all types of damage. Even if you think your phone is a write off, bring it in for a free estimate. We have brought all sorts of damaged phones back from the dead.

Other problems:

If your HTC is having speaker or microphones problems, contact us today for a free estimate.

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