100cm Cotton Wire Wick With Metal Needle Universal Replacement For Zippo Thorens

100cm Cotton Wire Wick With Metal Needle Universal Replacement For Zippo Thorens

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Introducing our new wicks, compatible with a wide range of refillable lighters, including IMCO and various other brands. These wicks are thoughtfully designed, measuring an average of 6 inches in length and featuring a convenient pull-through metal guide that can be easily removed once the wick is in place. After removing the wire guide, the wicks measure approximately 5 inches in length, making them an excellent fit for IMCO lighters and many others that rely on wicks.

While we've received feedback suggesting that these wicks are compatible with several other lighter brands, we want to be transparent that their effectiveness may vary. Some of the lighters that these wicks have been reported to work with include Abdulla, Amco Autos, Ascot ASR, airplane lighters, Aquilux, ASR, Barlow, Bowers Wind Master, Storm Master, "Sure Fire" & 1915, Cehoo, Castor Vu, Clark Patent #1926, Coco Joe's, Colibri, Cornwall, Continental, Crown Imperial, Daltis, Elgin American, Evans, Flamidor, Galpar, HAC Preslite, Hadson, Karl Wieden (KW), Kreisler, Luxor, Mylflam, Nimrod (with caution), Nos Beattie Jet, Pak Lite, Parker Beacon, Parks, Partner Automatic, Penguin Flats, Polo Arm Lift, Rogers Rocket Flame, Rolex Elite, Rolstar, Ronson, Sarome, Scripto, Sydney Weston (Potbelly Stove), Thorens, Wee Wellington, Zenith, and many others. Please note that compatibility with other brands like Redlite, Comet, Weston, Taber & Bushell, Kemco, and more cannot be guaranteed.

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