5 Way HDMI Switch Splitter 4K Ultra HD

5 Way HDMI Switch Splitter 4K Ultra HD

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- This high performance mini HDMI Amplifier Switcher not only can be controlled with key-press-switching, but also the IR remote
control and intelligent function
- As soon as the power supply of the source equipment is switched, this switcher will respond automatically
- In addition, it is is equipped with the standard IR extender receiver: safe and convenient
- For high definition video ( multiple resolutions up to 1080p) and digital audio from 5 sources to display units
- All inputs accommodate the connections of the high definition video sources simultaneously, compatible for HD-DVD,SKY-STB, PS3,
Xbox360 etc.
- The output sends the high definition audio/video signals to a high definition display

- Supports HDMI 1.3b
- Supports 12-bit Deep Colour, Full HD 1080
- Multi-function On Switching: Intelligent or Mechanical
- High Performance Up to 2.5Gbps
- LED Lights Clearly Indicate Which HDMI Device is Being Selected
- Maintains High Resolution Video - Beautiful, Sharp HDTV Resolutions Up to 1080P, 2K, 1440P Graphics and Computer Resolutions
Up to 1920 x 1200 are Easily Achieved with No Power Cable Required
- 5 Input HDMI Ports and 1 Output HDMI Port
- Compact Size So It Doesn't Occupy Much Space or Look Messy
- Convenient Way to Switch -- Just Press the Button on the Switch Box or Use Remote Control

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