Dash camera mini 0806 Ambarella In Car Camera A7 A7LA50 1296P GPS Blackbox 0805

Dash camera mini 0806 Ambarella In Car Camera A7 A7LA50 1296P GPS Blackbox 0805

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CPL Filter Hardwired ODB2 Kit ADAS Driver assistance LDWS (Land Departure Warning System), FCW (Forward Collision Warning), FCMD (Forward Car Motion Detection) 135 degree ultra wide angle lens. AMBARELLA A7LA50 CPU GPS support - Records Speed and location Date/Time Stamp Dual Power Support: ODB2 hardwired Kit and car cigarette charger Parking guard - Security Parking: low frame mode / normal mode / off / pre-record mode Camera rotating 160 degree WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) - Super Vision in low light 1920x1080P FULL HD high quality resolution. Sony Image sensor - able to record in low light condition Advanced H.264 video compression technology. 4 mega pixels. micro SD card slot. Up to 64gb 30/60 frames per second for smooth video flow. G-sensor to keep records of sensor data and real-time display on the player Powerful document protection, even in the recording process, the occurrence of Seamless continuous recording, will not miss any data. Adopt auto cigarette lighter power supply, to make the video recording while driving. To start the auto automatic off; to start the video recording function. Automatic circulating video recording, being able to set the record time for each file. Watch video while make video recording in driving. Support on-spot play back. Improve time & date display, no need reset when re-start. Set the video recording time, stop recording when the setting time is up.

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