Mini-Digital  have been operating in the mobile phone repair industry for over 10 years. We were pioneers way back when the first iPhone was released. We are one of the first businesses in Perth to offer repair services for this product! At Mini-Digital, our highly experienced technicians can offer you a free, no nonsense estimate. Being the largest spare parts distributor in WA, we can offer a range of parts to suit your requirements from generic parts to genuine parts. We are open and honest and we are happy to divulge how we go about all our services so our customers have a clear picture of what is going on behind the scenes.

How we fix common problems we fix with iPhones:

Cracked screens

Water and liquid damage

Common treatment with water and liquid damage involves completely dismantling your idevice and placing the major components in an ultrasonic cleaner. The main problem with water damage is not the water itself, it is the corrosion that takes place in the days and weeks after exposure to the liquid. If your device has been exposed to liquid, even if the device is still operating, our recommendation is to bring it in immediately for professional treatment because the longer you leave it, the worse the problem will be in the long run.

General damage

Even if your phone has been run over by a car, we can often repair it. As long as your mainboard is not damaged, this can easily be remedied cheaply.


If your device is locked to any Australian network, it can easily be unlocked. Unlocking an iPhone involves getting the imei removed from Appleā€™s database, which usually takes 1-3 days.

IMEI block

Customers should be aware, an unlock is not the same as getting a mobile phone that is network barred, or barred from icloud remedied. Problems of this nature cannot be remedied legally. If you have an iPhone that is network barred, please hand it into the police so they have repatriate the phone to its rightful owner.