Android Application (App) Development in Perth

Why build an Android app?

Android is now the world's most popular mobile phone operating system. Whether you want to build an app from the ground up or get an existing app converted for use on Android, we can help. With over 15 years industry experience in I.T. and software development, our Perth based team can get your app idea produced on time and on budget.

Many business owners have the idea of building a mobile app in the back of their mind, but they don't know what the app would do or how it can be of benefit. We can help. We at Mini-Digital has expertise in Mobile App Development in Perth and can help your business to grow by offering a customized mobile application for your business, which will be compatible for all Android based gadgets.

Customer engagement: If you want to engage with your customers in Perth or any other place in Australia, one way of doing this is to build an app. Having an app has your brand on your customers home screen all the time. By offering special exclusive incentives for customers that download and use your app, you can further enhance your brand's value and recognition.

Market exposure: An Android app can be a powerful marketing tool, but you should have a plan in place to market your app before you build it. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. We can work closely with your marketing team so your app isn't condemned to fail before you have it developed.

Generate revenue: If generating revenue is your main focus, It's all about eye balls on screens! If you already have a user base, you can generate revenue from that with an app by utilising cost per click advertising.

App conversion: This is known in the industry as porting. If you already have an iOS app and you want it ported to Android, our app development team in Perth can take care of this. Android uses a well known programming language called Java, whereas iOS uses and programming language called Objective-C, so converting an app to use on Android from iOS is not as straight forward as one would initially think because certain elements of the native iOS software, which apps utilise are built into iOS exclusively. We can take the guess-work out of it with a free, no obligation consultation, contact us for iOS app to android application development in Perth, Western Australia.